Fall buddy medical alert


Fall Buddy’s wireless Medical Alert Monitoring System keeps the elderly safe in their own home.

If the discreet sensors do not detect activity after a preset period, the small unit alerts you by phone.

Easy to use, Fall Buddy is an affordable alternative to assisted living for seniors.

No need for a panic button: seniors preserve independence and privacy, while staying secure

adult children worry about seniors being aloneIN TOUCH 24/7:  Peace of mind when you cannot be there.

When they are alone, you worry that your loved one relies on a panic button to call for help if needed. What happens if they cannot press the button?

You want to feel confident that your loved one will get help quickly if they should have an accident at home. Fall Buddy’s home care technology gives you that peace of mind day and night:  you immediately receive a message to alert you if your relative stays immobile over a set period of time.  Now you and your relative can feel safe and secure.

It’s peace of mind knowing you provide the best care for your loved one 24/7.

CARERCARING 24/7:  Keeping vulnerable seniors safe in their own home with Fall Buddy.

You are concerned that vulnerable clients living at home may be unable to call for help in an emergency. Setting a new standard in medical innovation, Fall Buddy activates automatically if the wireless sensor network detects a prolonged period of inactivity. Fall Buddy then immediately calls a preset number for help. Fall Buddy enables you to deliver affordable and timely in-home care services to those who need it most. With Fall Buddy, seniors can continue to live independently and stay safe in at home.

You can be confident that help will come quickly 24/7 if ever needed.

Independent seniors ageing in placePROTECTED 24/7:  Worry free independence in your own home.

You live independently but you worry that help may not get to you quickly if something should happen.

With Fall Buddy you can feel secure at home on your own, confident that help will come.

If an emergency happens at home, Fall Buddy automatically calls your chosen carers until it receives a confirmation that help is coming.

With Fall Buddy, you can continue to live independently and stay safe in your own home, knowing someone who cares about you is available when you need help.

You no longer need to worry: it is like having a silent carer living with you 24/7.